Sue Gill, PhD, Licensed Psychologist


I am a licensed psychologist in Madison, WI. I offer life enhancing counseling services to individuals and couples who are interested in personal growth, overcoming life's obstacles and achieving optimal quality of life. If you or someone you know are looking for a way to more forward in your journey, I invite you to browse this site further and then email or call me so that we can further discuss how I can help you.

Areas of Specialization

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Using non-verbal interventions, such as EMDR, neurofeedback, and movement therapy to impact issues that go beyond traditional talk therapy

Restoring feelings of safety, ability to sleep, ability to concentrate, and ability to relate after bad things happen

Decreasing the influence of things from the past that keep interfering with life now

Improving ability to feel calm and peaceful

Improving communication and connection with the people who matter in life

Restoring balanced communication between mind and body

Evening appointments readily available

EMDR Level II certified

Licensed psychologist

Most PPO/POS insurance accepted